Prof. Alon Harel


LL.B., Hebrew University, 1983 (with distinction);
LL.M., Hebrew University (1985) (with distinction);
D. Phil. (Philosophy of Law) (Balliol College, Oxford).


Lecturer in Law, Hebrew University 1990-1996;
Senior Lecturer in Law 1996-;
Professor in Law 2000.
Visiting Professor at Columbia Law School 1998-9.
Visiting Professor at University of Toronto Law School, Sep. 2000.

Research interests include political philosophy; philosophy of law; criminal law; law and economics.

Recent publications include:
Oren Bar-Gill and Alon Harel: "Crime Rates and Expected Sanctions: The Economics of Deterrence Revisited" forthcoming in Journal of Legal Studies (June, 2001). "On Hate.and.Equality" 107 Yale L.J. 507-539 (1999) (with Gideon Parchomovsky); Criminal Law and Behavioral Law and Economics: Observations on the Neglected Role of Uncertainty in Deterring Crime (l American Law and Economics Review, 276-312 (1999)) (with Uzi Segal); Revisionist Theories of Rights: An Unwelcome Defense 11 Canadian Journal of Law and Jurisprudence 227-244 (1998); What Demands are Rights? An Investigation into the Relations Between Rights and Reasons 17 Oxford Journal of Legal Studies (1997); The Economics of the Law of Criminal Attempts: A Victim Centered Perspective 145 University of Pennsylvania Law Review 299-351 (1996) (with Omri Ben Shahar).