Dr. Esther Hertzog

Dr. Hertzog is a social anthropologist, lecturing in Beit Berl College in Cfar Saba (courses in Anthropology, Sociology and Gender) and in the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. This year she was appointed as the head of the Social Studies department in Beit Berl.

Her P.hD was about the bureaucratic absorption of Ethiopian Immigrants in Israel (the English version of her book, based on the thesis, is called “Bureaucrats and Immigrants in an Israeli absorption centre” and it was published by Burghahn books in Oxford and New York). She is a co-editor of an Israeli anthology on Israeli society, comprised of the best Israeli anthropological fieldworks published in the far and near past (called: Israel: Local Anthropology). The book will be published also later this year in English in the states. She writes regularly (in a bi-monthly column) in Ma’ariv (an Israeli daily paper). The subjects of her writing relate to social and feminist issues, of which the violation of human rights is one of the conspicuous topics. She is involved in intensive voluntary activities, mainly in feminist struggles and in issues of injustice done by welfare agencies towards weaker groups (minors, single parent families etc.)