Ron Leifer, M.D. is a psychiatrist in private practice in Ithaca, New York.

He received his psychiatric training at Syracuse under Dr. Thomas Szasz. He also holds a Masterís Degree in philosophy from Syracuse University.

He has written two books: In The Name of Mental Health: The Social Functions of Psychiatry, a critique of coercive-medical psychiatry, and The Happiness Project, an analysis of mental and emotional suffering from the perspective of Western and Asian psychology and philosophy. He has also published more than forty papers and articles on psychiatry and psychotherapy.

He has been a critic of medical-coercive psychiatry for forty years and was the prosecutor at the Foucault Tribunal in Berlin in 1998.

He is presently expert witness for the defense of Paul Henri Thomas who is being forced by state psychiatrists to submit to involuntary electroshock therapy.

Ron Leifer, M.D.
215 North Cayuga Street,
New York 14850
U.S.A. 607-272-7334